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Thu Jul 10 02:25:12 AEST 2003

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>The README says:

><< The kernel makes heavy use of the special 286 protected mode 
>features >>

>Try bochs set to be a 286.

I figure that a Celeron is a superset of the 386 - ergo, of the 286
also - so there shouldn't be a problem.  Maybe I'll do that though,
it's safer in a sandbox.

>I am wondering if Cygwin could be used to build the code.  I see that
>ancient C stuff like "=+" was eliminated already.


I think if you converted the ASM to some other format, you could use
Turbo C++ to build it, though...haven't tried that, I don't grok ASM.

>Plus check this site out:
LOL, I have 6 working C compilers on the Windows/DOS side of my box
already :) (Turbo C++ 1, Borland C++ 3, Watcom C 11, djgpp, MinGW32,


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