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Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 11 05:16:33 AEST 2003

-On [20030610 21:02], Kenneth Stailey (kstailey at yahoo.com) wrote:
>Q: What is SVR6?
>A: SVR6 is the code name for the next-generation operating platform designed to
>take advantage of Web services and is the foundation of our SCOx strategy. As
>the owners of the UNIX operating system, it is incumbent upon SCO to advance
>the UNIX kernel for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. This will be
>accomplished through the support of key industry partners who will also
>contribute to this next-generation platform. SVR6 will be formally announced at
>our upcoming SCO Forum event to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 17-19 at
>the MGM Grand Hotel.

OK, I am trying to maintain a neutral stance to SCO, even though they're
making it hard to do, but why does the above sound to me like trying to
get extra ammo they can use in court?  I mean I can already envision the
way the talks will go: "But your honour, we are heavily dependent on our
source code, since we are planning to unveil the SVR6 product in August
and the things which happened with IBM and Linux put our plans in

>It just keeps getting weirder:

Ohh, now I get it.  Where on earth do they get the SCO Linux pedigree
and heritage from?  I very much doubt that Linus was doing stuff based
on SCO.  (Hey, everyone with a bit of clue of what happened knows it was
based upon Minix, sort of, but definately not SCO stuff.)

I seriously, seriously wonder where this is leading to.  The USA does
not have the best track record where it comes to sensible court rulings,
but if they have any Unix expert present he can refute a lot of the
so-called claims SCO is making.

This reminds me a lot of U-571, where Hollywood rewrote part of the real
world history for storyline sake.

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