[TUHS] This is too weird

Paul Ward asmodai at ao.mine.nu
Wed Jun 11 06:15:31 AEST 2003

JRa> -On [20030610 21:02], Kenneth Stailey (kstailey at yahoo.com) wrote:


JRa> Ohh, now I get it.  Where on earth do they get the SCO Linux pedigree
JRa> and heritage from?  I very much doubt that Linus was doing stuff based
JRa> on SCO.  (Hey, everyone with a bit of clue of what happened knows it was
JRa> based upon Minix, sort of, but definately not SCO stuff.)

Looks like the average marketing droid stuff... I like the way SCO
appear to not want anything to do with kernels 2.0.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x or 2.5.x
even though that graph clearly shows UnixWare getting "contributions"
from the Linux 2.2.x tree - case of someone being too quick with the
highlight methinks.

And, with all this SCO talk about SVR6 and about how good SCO UNIX is..
how come OpenServer feels very antiquated, and UnixWare very trashy
and amateur?

meep, another "asmodai" :)

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