[TUHS] My response to SCO vs. Linux

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Thu Jun 12 21:31:52 AEST 2003


I don’t agree with you on this , your complain about linux is unfair , on 
the contrary to many unixers especially the new generation of hackers and 
new unix users even those users fed up with Microsoft gimmicks , linux was 
miracle touch that helped to re energize the otherwise stale unix market , 
simply look at the market today which operating system has grown beyond any 
expectations ? . Another thing , in the days of corporate greed and bullying 
a-la-microsoft way, linux played a significant role to cement the open 
source movement.

Good old dear BSD , where is it ?? still fighting a niche turf , why it 
didn’t burst in the open ? , it’s troubles doesn’t have anything to do with 
linux it’s been there way before linux surfaced. I will not go into this 
flame war which is better BSD or Linux because both are dear to me and each 
has its own strong points and weaknesses .

Finally , this whole nonsense from SCO wouldn't be there if SCO had any good 
products to offer or enjoying good revenue , so this law suite shows how 
desperate SCO is sinking in the red and using this law suite to float itself 
again .

Love it or hate it linux is here to stay J .

preparing for eventual flame war ,

automatic sprinkler = check
fire extinguishers = check
fire fighting water hose  = check
fire proof suite and helmet = check

all systems go .


>From: msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG (Michael Sokolov)
>To: tuhs at tuhs.org
>Subject: [TUHS] My response to SCO vs. Linux
>Date: Tue, 10 Jun 03 14:01:08 PDT
>Here is my response to SCO vs. Linux. The thing is, some of the things they 
>saying I agree with most emphatically, except that what those things really
>support is not SCO but our TUHS cause. Their main line, at least as I 
>it, is that UNIX is the real OS, UNIX is better than Linux, and Linux is 
>just a
>naughty child that is becoming more and more of a nuisance to the adults. I
>agree wholeheartedly! I and many other UNIX bigots have been more vocal 
>this than SCO.
>BUT... UNIX is not what SCO means by this term, UNIX is V7 -> 4BSD! That is 
>real UNIX, USG is just a bad commercialized branch that no one ever really
>liked anyway! So to all those Fortune 1000 (or whatever that was) companies
>warned by SCO to stop running Linux, they should throw out those cheap 
>put all their old large VAXen back online, and run True UNIX, 4.3 BSD UNIX! 
>that *is* real UNIX, it comes directly from V7 and openly and proudly 
>admits to
>this fact! Isn't an OS that openly and proudly admits to come directly from
>Holy UNIX better than a cheap UNIX copycat that needs to be sued in court 
>determine what the hell it really is?
>But SCO probably won't be too happy about it as they just gave away the 
>UNIX (V7) to the World for free, and it's non-retractable.
>So if anything good comes out of this lawsuit it's that maybe, just maybe, 
>will finally get some attention and use over Linux. The Free Computing
>community doesn't have to suffer any loss whatsoever if SCO wins, we can
>instead just switch from Linux to the much better True UNIX, which is just 
>free but a lot more solid, mature, and True. And stick it to SCO and laugh
>diabolically at how they voluntarily made UNIX free without us having to 
>it by force in a revolution.
>MS (donning the flameproof spacesuit)
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