[TUHS] VAX-11/780 emulation

Timothy Stark sword7 at speakeasy.org
Wed Jun 18 12:26:14 AEST 2003


Yes, latest ts10 versions are at
ftp://ftp.firesword7.net/pub/ts10/develop.  11/780 emulation is not
finished yet because I am figuring out how some memory and unibus
configuration programming works.  I have working Massbus emulation for
11/780 emulation.

Tim Stark

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On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Akito Fujita wrote:
> Are there more better emulator than SIMH ?
> or Should I add the feature of 11/780 emulation into SIHM ?

I don't know if it is any better since I haven't ever used it, but
supposedly ts10 can emulate a vax.


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