[TUHS] SCO removed the anchient UNIX offer web page

Kenneth Stailey kstailey at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 21 01:18:58 AEST 2003

God, I spelled "ancient" wrong last night. :)  It's hell getting old.

The license says:


The SOURCE CODE PRODUCTS to which SCO grants rights under this AGREEMENT are
restricted to the following UNIX Operating Systems, including SUCCESSOR
OPERATING SYSTEMs, that operate on the 16-Bit PDP-11 CPU and early versions of
the 32-Bit UNIX Operating System with specific exclusion of UNIX System V and
successor operating systems:  

16-Bit UNIX Editions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 32-bit 32V >>

It does not mention System III explicitly either by inclusion or exclusion so
it depends on interpretation.  The System III distribution includes both PDP-11
and VAX source but only PDP-11 binaries.  Do you think the term "early versions
of 32-Bit UNIX Operating System" covers something that came out four years
after 32V, is still fully 16-bit compatible, and does not take advantage of the
full 4GB address space the way that a true 32-bit system would?

The README says

<< The version of System III here ran on the PDP-11 platform, and was
supplied by Keith Bostic.

boot contains the tape bootstrap,
cpio.tape contains the standalone cpio(1) program,
and mini-root contains a dump of the root file system.

A tar archive of the whole of System III is available in sys3.tar.gz >>

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