[TUHS] Installing SysIII on simh?

Andru Luvisi luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu
Sat Jun 21 02:36:48 AEST 2003

I am having difficulty installing SysIII on simh.  I have attached my simh
pdp11 ini file (sys3.simh.bootstrap) and the Perl script used to create
the install tape (mksys3tap.pl).  Everything seems to go fine while
installing the miniroot, but when I try to boot from the "installed"
system I don't get very far.  Below is a transcript.  Any ideas?


$ pdp11 sys3.simh.bootstrap

PDP-11 simulator V2.10-3
RL: creating new file
Create bad block table on last track? [N]
UNIX tape boot loader
UNIX -- Initial Load: Tape-to-Disk

The type of disk drive on which the Root file system will reside,
as well as the type of tape drive that will be used for Tape 1
must be specified below.

Answer the questions with a 'y' or 'n' followed by
a carriage return or line feed.
There is no type-ahead -- wait for the question to complete.
The character '@' will kill the entire line,
while the character '#' will erase the last character typed.

RP03 at address 176710?: n
RP04/5/6 at address 176700?: n
RL01 at address 174400?: y
Drive number (0-3)?: 0
Disk drive 0 selected.

Mount a formatted pack on drive 0.
Ready?: y

TU10/TM11 at address 172520?: y
Drive number (0-7)?: 0
Tape drive 0 selected.

The tape on drive 0 will be read from the current position
at 800bpi, 5120 characters (10 blocks) per record,
and written onto the pack on drive 0 starting at block 0.

Ready?: y
Size of filesystem to be copied is 6000 blocks.
What is the pack volume label? (e.g. p0001):
The pack will be labelled p0001.
The boot block for your type of disk drive will now be installed.

The file system copy is now complete.

To boot the basic unix for your disk and tape drives
as indicated above, mount this pack on drive 0
and read in the boot block (block 0) using
whatever means you have available; see romboot(8), 70boot(8).

Then boot the program unixrltm using diskboot(8).
Normally:  #0=unixrltm

The system will initially come up single-user; see init(8).
If you have an upper case only console terminal,
you must execute: stty lcase; see stty(1).

After UNIX is up, link the file unixrltm to unix using ln(1).
        # ln /unixrltm /unix

Set the date(1).

Good Luck!

The tape will now be rewound.

HALT instruction, PC: 002460 (BR 2456)
sim> boot rl0
ka6 = 1512
aps = 141774
pc = 1476 ps = 30010
trap type 0
ka6 = 1512
aps = 141666
pc = 113444 ps = 30300
trap type 0
panic: trap

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set cpu 22b
att rl0 test.dsk
att tm0 sys3.tap
b tm
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