[TUHS] Installing SysIII on simh?

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Sat Jun 21 03:50:23 AEST 2003


wouldn't be easier to load it through dsk (I mean download the complete tar 
and make a dsk out of it) .


>From: Andru Luvisi <luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu>
>Reply-To: Andru Luvisi <luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu>
>To: tuhs at tuhs.org
>Subject: [TUHS] Installing SysIII on simh?
>Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 09:36:48 -0700 (PDT)
>I am having difficulty installing SysIII on simh.  I have attached my simh
>pdp11 ini file (sys3.simh.bootstrap) and the Perl script used to create
>the install tape (mksys3tap.pl).  Everything seems to go fine while
>installing the miniroot, but when I try to boot from the "installed"
>system I don't get very far.  Below is a transcript.  Any ideas?
>$ pdp11 sys3.simh.bootstrap
>PDP-11 simulator V2.10-3
>RL: creating new file
>Create bad block table on last track? [N]
>UNIX tape boot loader
>UNIX -- Initial Load: Tape-to-Disk
>The type of disk drive on which the Root file system will reside,
>as well as the type of tape drive that will be used for Tape 1
>must be specified below.
>Answer the questions with a 'y' or 'n' followed by
>a carriage return or line feed.
>There is no type-ahead -- wait for the question to complete.
>The character '@' will kill the entire line,
>while the character '#' will erase the last character typed.
>RP03 at address 176710?: n
>RP04/5/6 at address 176700?: n
>RL01 at address 174400?: y
>Drive number (0-3)?: 0
>Disk drive 0 selected.
>Mount a formatted pack on drive 0.
>Ready?: y
>TU10/TM11 at address 172520?: y
>Drive number (0-7)?: 0
>Tape drive 0 selected.
>The tape on drive 0 will be read from the current position
>at 800bpi, 5120 characters (10 blocks) per record,
>and written onto the pack on drive 0 starting at block 0.
>Ready?: y
>Size of filesystem to be copied is 6000 blocks.
>What is the pack volume label? (e.g. p0001):
>The pack will be labelled p0001.
>The boot block for your type of disk drive will now be installed.
>The file system copy is now complete.
>To boot the basic unix for your disk and tape drives
>as indicated above, mount this pack on drive 0
>and read in the boot block (block 0) using
>whatever means you have available; see romboot(8), 70boot(8).
>Then boot the program unixrltm using diskboot(8).
>Normally:  #0=unixrltm
>The system will initially come up single-user; see init(8).
>If you have an upper case only console terminal,
>you must execute: stty lcase; see stty(1).
>After UNIX is up, link the file unixrltm to unix using ln(1).
>         # ln /unixrltm /unix
>Set the date(1).
>Good Luck!
>The tape will now be rewound.
>HALT instruction, PC: 002460 (BR 2456)
>sim> boot rl0
>ka6 = 1512
>aps = 141774
>pc = 1476 ps = 30010
>trap type 0
>ka6 = 1512
>aps = 141666
>pc = 113444 ps = 30300
>trap type 0
>panic: trap
><< sys3.simh.bootstrap >>
><< mksys3tap.pl >>
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