[TUHS] V7 UNIX on VAX 11/750

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Fri Jun 27 13:28:30 AEST 2003

Fear not, Gregg; no twists intended or assumed.  It could well be
that there was an earlier print run of The UNIX Programming Environment
that got it wrong and claimed to be done with V7 on an 11/750.  But
I've never seen it (which is why I specified the exact edition and
printing I was quoting); and if it said that it was an error or a fib.

So far as I know nobody ever did a port of straight V7 to a VAX.
TUPE was written just before I arrived at the Labs; it's possible
that the 11/70 was still around during the writing, though it was
gone before I came.  I don't know whether the name V8 was coined
before the 11/70 was retired.  Maybe Dennis remembers more.

The original edition of The C Programming Language was certainly
done on an 11/70; it may have been published before the VAX hardware
existed in the field, and certainly before that part of Bell Labs
had one.  My beat-up paperback copy (copyright 1978, third printing)
credits Graphic Systems for the typesetter, the 11/70 for the system
hardware, but just says UNIX--no version stated--for the OS.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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