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Bill Pechter bpechter at monmouth.com
Sat Mar 15 02:01:09 AEST 2003

pups-request at minnie.tuhs.org wrote:

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>Today's Topics:
>   1. Installing Venix or 2.9bsdpro on a DEC PRO350 (Franco Tassone)
>Message: 1
>From: "Franco Tassone" <franco.tassone at inwind.it>
>To: <pups at minnie.tuhs.org>
>Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 23:30:08 +0100
>Subject: [pups] Installing Venix or 2.9bsdpro on a DEC PRO350
>Hi all,
>after having downloaded both distributions from a PUPS mirror, I was trying
>to install Venix or 2.9bsd modified for the PRO350.
>I've created for both distributions the installations floppy using a mvaxII
>with an rx50 floppy. The mvaxII actually runs netbsd, so I did a dd
>if=floppy.img of=/dev/rx0a for all the floppy images of the distributions,
>but when I go and try to boot the bot floppies of venix (and 2.9bsd too) on
>the PRO350, they fail to boot. The drive seems to try a little then the
>machine hangs, no messages on the console, except a nice capital DIGITAL, no
>messages on the serial terminale connected to the printer port with the
>maintenance cable.
>With venix floppy instead, after failing to boot, after a litle P/OS starts
>from hd.
>What am I missing, what did I wrong ?
>Any hint will be greatly appreciated.
>P.S. I definitively want to install an ancient unix on my dec pro350...,
>help me !
>Franco Tassone

I think those may be teledisk images so DD probably wouldn't work.
You need an IBM PC with 80 track drives, IIRC to recreate the images...

It's been a long time since I looked at those images.


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