[TUHS] SCO sues IBM?

David C. Jenner djenner at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 10 12:33:34 AEST 2003


I can't properly read your pdf attachment.

Some of us have a signed, dated, and numbered license and paid $100 for it!


Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> I'm sure I'm not the only person who sees SCO's recent legal
> activities with dismay.  For those of you still looking for facts,
> take a look at the links off http://www.sco.com/scosource/, and
> particularly the complaint at
> http://www.sco.com/scosource/complaint3.06.03.html.  There are a
> number of things there which concern me, but particularly:
>    85.  For example, Linux is currently capable of coordinating the
>         simultaneous performance of 4 computer processors.  UNIX, on
>         the other hand, commonly links 16 processors and can
>         successfully link up to 32 processors for simultaneous
>         operation.  This difference in memory management performance
>         is very significant to enterprise customers who need extremely
>         high computing capabilities for complex tasks.  The ability to
>         accomplish this task successfully has taken AT&T, Novell and
>         SCO at least 20 years, with access to expensive equipment for
>         design and testing, well-trained UNIX engineers and a wealth
>         of experience in UNIX methods and concepts.
> Apart from the fact that I can't see any factual evidence that System
> V as licensed from SCO or its predecessors had any competitive SMP
> scalability, the "20 years" concerns me.  That could go back to the
> days of the Seventh Edition.
> Which brings me to the real point: a little over a year ago, we
> received a message from Dion Johnson releasing Ancient UNIX under a
> BSD licence.  For those of you who have misplaced it, I'm attaching it
> again.  While none of us doubt that it is genuine, SCO has no record
> of it on their web site, nor (as far as I know) do any of us have this
> in signed form.  In view of SCO's aggression, I think we should
> contact them and ask them to at least put the statement somewhere on
> their web site.
> Comments?
> Greg
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> Subject: Liberal license for ancient UNIX sources
> Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 15:03:37 -0800
> From: Dion Johnson <dionj at caldera.com>
> To: wht at minnie.tuhs.org
> CC: dmr at bell-labs.com, ken at plan9.bell-labs.com, grog at lemis.com,
>      John Terpstra <jht at caldera.com>, drew at caldera.com, maddog at li.org,
>      evan at starnix.com, phatch at caldera.com, ransom at caldera.com
> Dear Warren, and friends,
> I'm happy to let you know that Caldera International has placed
> the ancient UNIX releases (V1-7 and 32V) under a "BSD-style" license.
> I've attached a PDF of the license letter hereto.  Feel free to
> propogate it as you see fit.
> I apologize that this has taken so long.  We do not have a well
> regulated archive of these ancient releases, so we must depend
> upon you UNIX enthusiasts, historians, and original authors to
> help the community of interested parties figure out exactly what
> is available, where, and how.
> Many thanks to Warren Toomey, of PUPS, and to Caldera's Bill
> Broderick, director of licensing services here.  Both of these
> gentlemen were instrumental in making this happen.  And thanks
> to our CEO, Ransom Love, whose vision for Caldera International
> prescribes cooperation and mutual respect for the open source
> communities.
> Of course, there are thousands of other people who should be
> acknowledged.  I regret I do not have time or wisdom to make
> a list of them all, but maybe someone does, or has.
> Anyway, here it is.  Feel free to write to us if you want to
> understand more about how/why Caldera International has released
> this code, or you have any other comments that we should hear.
> Sincerely,
> Dion L. Johnson II - dionj at caldera.com
> Product Manager and one of many open source enthusiasts in Caldera Intl.
> Paul Hatch - phatch at caldera.com
> Public Relations Manager at Caldera International
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