[TUHS] Russian Ancient UNIX stuff in the Archive

Warren Toomey wkt at minnie.tuhs.org
Wed Mar 19 07:52:37 AEST 2003

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 12:25:30PM -0800, Michael Sokolov wrote:
> And all the newer stuff up to late 2002 is porting to "modern UNIX". But I
> don't want "modern UNIX", I'm running the original UNIX in its virgin form, I
> just want the 8-bit fix. The only files downloadable from ex-vi.berlios.de are
> 2002 releases and in the UNIX Archive Applications/Ritter_Vi contains only a
> tiny README file pointing to http://ex-vi.berlios.de/. Where are the old 2000
> versions?
> MS

I have ritter_vi.tar.gz, size 211579, date 2000/06/09 on a backup CD of the
Unix archive at work. I'll put it back into the Unix Archive in the
http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Applications/Ritter_Vi  directory when I get
in to work in a few hours.


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