[TUHS] SCO & Caldera?

Warren Toomey wkt at minnie.tuhs.org
Wed Mar 19 11:24:30 AEST 2003

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 06:29:44PM -0500, Gregg C Levine wrote:
> Warren, ah, I think I missed something someplace. It happens that I
> was able to download it, after clicking through the license that was
> presented several days ago, when the argument regarding the SCO
> lawsuit was part of a thread. Does this mean that I didn't have to go
> through this?

I'm saying that you can go directly to the SysIII source on Caldera's
website without agreeing to the click-through license. I e-mailed them
about this many many months ago, but they obviously haven't fixed it yet.


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