[TUHS] SCO vs. IBM: Eric Raymond striking a blow for ... something

Kenneth Stailey kstailey at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 22:11:16 AEST 2003

--- Norman Wilson <norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca> wrote:
> Aharon Robbins:
>   I just saw this:
> 	http://www.catb.org/~esr/nosecrets/
>   This either Very Smart or Very Dumb, I'm not sure which.
> I will just point out the recursive conflict when he says
>   I can't talk about how this information will be applied, nor by
>   who.  You'll have to trust me, or at any rate my record as
>   ambassador to the community ...
> I find it hard to take a secret No Secrets campaign seriously.
> If I am to be used as an example of something or to promote some
> cause, I think it's only fair that the campaigner tell me just
> what he's up to first.

If ESR told the world what he was going to do with the evidence then the
opposition would be able to prepare for it.

> That such a campaign exists in the current context also sounds to
> me like an admission that substantial parts of Linux were in fact
> lifted directly from a licensed UNIX.

Hmmm.  Either that or he's trying to keep all the bases covered.  What happened
in reality and what they prove in the courts need not be the same as we have
seen as time and again Microsoft goes to trial and gets off.

It helps to have a fallback arguement ready.

> That that might be so seems
> surprising; that someone would want to prove it was OK even more so.
> Norman Wilson
> Toronto ON
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