[pups] Re: History of 32-bit UNIX (was History of 2 BSD)

Dennis Ritchie dmr at plan9.bell-labs.com
Tue Nov 11 13:50:21 AEST 2003

Greg Lehey wrote,

 > > Others ported the system in those carefree days as well, in
 > > particular Richard Miller at the University of Wollongong, but I
 > > don't know much about the other efforts.

 > I believe the Wollongong port predated the one at Bell Labs.  Peter
 > Gray tells me he still has the original machine they used, and he'd
 > like to find a museum-like place to keep it.  No idea whether it
 > runs.  Greg Rose should know a lot more about this matter.  Greg, are
 > you out there?

Having the original Wollongong Interdata 7/32 might
be interesting to the Computer History museum, though
it might be expensive to transport it across the Pacific.

As for dates: the Wollongong port was essentially
contemporaneous with ours, certainly independent,
and was declared in production sooner (July 1977
vs. spring 1978).  Ours was "in principle"  done by Aug.
1977, theirs by April '77.  Various papers are
gathered at


Greg Rose is definitely still extant.


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