[pups] DEC PRO or P/OS

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Tue Nov 18 08:18:20 AEST 2003

> A Pro350 was an F11, a Pro380 a T11 (I hope I remember this correctly)
> CPU.
The 380 had a J11, the 350 had an F11.  I *believe* the 280 was
somewhere between an 11/73 and an 11/53, and the 350 was somewhat
like an 11/23.

> I think you could also run RT-11 on them. Some big VAX models
> had Pro's as console processors/systems. RD5x disk drives on 
> the Pro's.

If memory serves me right, you had P/OS (a menu-driven branch of the
RT11 system), and Venix, a somewhat Unix-like system.  Given some
work, one should be able to get standard RT working on it.


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