32V update (was Re: [TUHS] While on the subject of 32V ...)

Pat Villani Pat.Villani at hp.com
Tue Nov 4 23:51:24 AEST 2003

For what you're doing, I think you'll want to add -nostdinc, and 
-nodefaultlibs to your gcc command line.  The -nostdinc option stops the 
compiler from looking at the standard include path files, and the 
-nodefaultlibs option causes the compiler to not use any of the gcc 
libraries while still using the standard startup file.  You'll have to 
supply the paths to the headers and libraries yourself.

In case I'm wrong, and you need to supply your own startup code as well, 
change the -nodefaultlibs option to -nostdlib.  That drops all standard 
startup code and libraries from the build.  It's the set of options I'm 
using in the current kernel build (to be released next week some time).

According to the gcc docs, the compiler may generate calls to memcmp, 
memset, and memcpy.  That means they'll be the first calls you'll have 
to implement in your libraries.


Wesley Parish wrote:
> I'm trying to work out whether or not gcc takes a look at its own header files 
> before or after it looks at the ones I've set it to look at - I got some 
> weird warnings and error messages before I expanded the -I to 
> gcc -I./../../include -I./../../include/sys -I./../sys/h
> Still need the *.s files in the libraries dealt with, and as before, I know 
> nothing of the VAX assembler syntax and mostly x86 in Intel syntax.
> If anyone wants to join in with this, I would be very, very grateful.
> Wesley Parish
> P.S.  I've got to redo the utilities - I think that once I get the libraries 
> sorted out, the utilities will be easy meat.
> On Tue, 04 Nov 2003 04:34, Pat Villani wrote:
>>Good progress.  I'll probably use a linux like system call mechanism, so
>>expect an inline function for the system calls.
>>Wesley Parish wrote:
>>>Just an update - I'm now compiling ~/[...]/32V/usr/src/libc/gen to *.o
>>>using gcc set with -I../../include .  Most of them compile smoothly.
>>>I hope I'll have most of the library compiled to *.o soon, enough for
>>>using as the basis for compiling the utilities to 32I.
>>>Wesley Parish

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