[TUHS] SCO To Expand Its Lawsuit Beyond Linux

Kurt Wall kwall at kurtwerks.com
Thu Nov 20 15:03:08 AEST 2003

Consuming 1.3K bytes, Greg 'groggy' Lehey blathered:
> On Wednesday, 19 November 2003 at 22:37:25 -0500, Pat Villani wrote:
> > I wonder how much trouble 32I will be:
> >
> > <http://www.atnewyork.com/news/article.php/3110981>
> Depends on whether you believe SCO.  
>   http://www.lemis.com/grog/UNIX/

I'd say that SCO have pretty convincingly demonstrated that they
cannot be trusted. Would anyone here sign a contract with SCO

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