[TUHS] SCO reveals major UNIX™ IP violations

Kenneth Stailey kstailey at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 21 07:38:35 AEST 2003

an excerpt:

<< SCO this week said it was "examining" the AT&T settlement to see who might
have leaked the ancient AT&T-derived UNIX™ code and put it into a BSD
distribution. Allowing such hallowed innovations to be used under an open
source license, would, we agreed thoroughly devalue SCO's IP assets.

So we set about looking for who could perpetrate such a foul violation. And
deep on a warez site of dubious origins, we unearthed a highly incriminating

There we found a script kiddie shameless boasting of his crime. The poster
claimed that he'd released -

"... the ancient UNIX releases (V1-7 and 32V) under a "BSD-style" license. I've
attached a PDF of the license letter hereto. Feel free to propogate it as you
see fit"

Propagate? We shivered. The subject line of the email confirmed our worst


So after a little digging, we traced this serious UNIX™ violation to a hacker
outfit called "Caldera Inc." The email was datelined 23 Jan 2002.

Perhaps using an assumed identity, the hacker signed himself as "Dion L.
Johnson II - Product Manager and one of many open source enthusiasts in Caldera

We shall be doing some more digging soon, to see where these hackers can be

And as dutiful citizens, we shall inform The SCO Group of these violations as
our enquiries continue. As soon as we find out who these Caldera hackers are.
Can you help? >>

complete article:


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