[TUHS] Re: 4.3 BSD version in the Unix Archive

Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net
Wed Oct 1 05:02:20 AEST 2003

Hello (again) from Gregg C Levine
Just for the sake of argument, Markus, what was your build environment
for your SRC RPM version of SIMH? Personally I use Slackware Linux
here, and the source code files straight from Bob's site. Also, that
site kept wanting to set a cookie on my machine here. Is that a normal

Incidentally, the folks building Linux for the VAX, also use SIMH/VAX
for testing, and sometimes even they have problems. So the comment
regarding this product, and the VAX simulation is valid, just needs to
be further tested.

I, myself, have used it, to boot either VAX VMS, (Didn’t workout how
to install it on blank disk though.). or a relative of what we
discuss, as well.  
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> Thanks to your help it works. Please see
> e&
> sid=22
> for an annotated installation transcript. You'll find a
pre-installed disk
> image in the site's Download section.
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>  From my experience, you need to have a recent release of SIMH in
order to
> run 4.3BSD.  A few months ago, I managed to build "working"
Quasijarus and
> Reno disk images (Quasijarus appears to work fine for me, but Reno
is as
> buggy as I remember it being on real hardware).  I had to use Ultrix
> Netbsd to do the bootstrap/install; I could not get the tape boot to
> at all.
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