Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Sun Oct 19 18:20:12 AEST 2003

Wesley Parish:

  I was wondering as well, are there any VAX assembler manuals online, in an 
  easily-copyable form?

  I've encountered html ones, but that isn't quite what I mean.

What do you mean, then?  In what way isn't HTML suitable?
I don't mean to be obstreperous; I just think it would be
easier to help if you made it clearer what you need and
what you don't.

To split hairs further, what do you mean by `VAX assembler
manual'?  There's a paper named Assember Reference Manual
that came in Berkeley's Volume 2C for 3BSD, written by
Reiser (Bell Labs) and Henry (Berkeley); it is a compact
description of syntax and pseudo-ops, but doesn't list or
explain the VAX instruction set itself.

The best reference I know for the VAX instruction set is
the official DEC manual called VAX Architecture Reference
Manual (EK-VAXAR-RM), but at more than 500 pages it is not
easily-copyable even in the way we thought of copying when
it was published, i.e. that depicted on the cover of the
latter-day Lions book.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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