[TUHS] While on the subject of 32V ...

Pat Villani Pat.Villani at hp.com
Wed Oct 22 00:00:31 AEST 2003

Wesley Parish wrote:
> I tried the same with a few of the utilities and a make with the kernel files.

Having come to HP from DEC by way of Compaq, vax isn't that challenging 
for me.  :)

I did not try compiling the utilities.  My interests have always been at 
the kernel level.  I am encouraged by the fact that you were able to 
build the utilities.  This should make life a lot easier.

What I've done so far is split the files into vax specific and "somewhat 
vax specific" platform neutral files.  This is just a first cut, where I 
separated out things such as .s files and .c files that are vax 
dependent, such as device drivers, from files that should be platform 

I did not go through the platform neutral files to correct for vax 
dependencies, if any.  That's my next task.

I'll tar up what I have so far and put it on a web site for folks to 
look at.


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