[TUHS] While on the subject of 32V ...

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Wed Oct 29 19:01:41 AEST 2003

Just a short note to say I've compiled the libF77.a library archive.

I'll try the rest of the libraries, and note which ones compile cleanly and 
which throw their hands up in horror.

Wesley Parish

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003 02:41, Pat Villani wrote:
> OK.  I'm in the process of getting approval for this project.  I'll put
> what I've done so far up on a web site and send out the URL.  If you do
> send the gzip'ed commands, I'll include those as well.  No rush, as I
> won't do any of this until this weekend.
> Pat
> Wesley Parish wrote:
> > I'm doing an en-masse compile of the programs in the /32V/usr/src/cmd
> > directory, little-by-little, bit-by-bit.
> >
> > Some don't compile, some do.
> >
> > I've also run the bigger utilities - in their separate directories -
> > through make with Greg Lehey's little one-liner script from "Porting UNIX
> > Software", pg 74:
> > make 2>&1 | tee -a Make.log
> >
> > and will gzip and email them to you if you like.
> >
> > Wesley Parish
> >
> > On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 03:00, Pat Villani wrote:
> >>Wesley Parish wrote:
> >>>I tried the same with a few of the utilities and a make with the kernel
> >>>files.
> >>
> >>Having come to HP from DEC by way of Compaq, vax isn't that challenging
> >>for me.  :)
> >>
> >>I did not try compiling the utilities.  My interests have always been at
> >>the kernel level.  I am encouraged by the fact that you were able to
> >>build the utilities.  This should make life a lot easier.
> >>
> >>What I've done so far is split the files into vax specific and "somewhat
> >>vax specific" platform neutral files.  This is just a first cut, where I
> >>separated out things such as .s files and .c files that are vax
> >>dependent, such as device drivers, from files that should be platform
> >>neutral.
> >>
> >>I did not go through the platform neutral files to correct for vax
> >>dependencies, if any.  That's my next task.
> >>
> >>I'll tar up what I have so far and put it on a web site for folks to
> >>look at.
> >>
> >>Pat

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