32V update (was Re: [TUHS] While on the subject of 32V ...)

Pat Villani Pat.Villani at hp.com
Thu Oct 30 22:56:41 AEST 2003

I got corporate approval, well, as best as I could from corporate legal, 
to proceed.  The only caveats are: beware of the SCO shenanigans as 32V 
may encounter a similar wrath, and make sure I don't "compete" with HP. 
  How in the world a 15 year old operating system threatens SCO or 
competes with HP is beyond me.  At any rate, I'll start moving the email 
activity off the corporate network soon, in order to comply with open 
source participation rules.

In the meantime, I have just placed a copy of the reorganized kernel 
files in ftp://server.opensourcedepot.com/pub/32V. This is my personal 
server, so it's easy for me to put source code there, at least for now. 
  The reorganization consists mainly of separating out drivers, and a 
scratch file for a locore.asm file.  I also placed formalized license 
notices in the directory and files, so to alert everyone of the license 

It's a start ...


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