[TUHS] Re: SIMH compilation problems

Rico Pajarola rp at servium.ch
Wed Sep 3 22:39:28 AEST 2003

>I was having some problems compiling SIMH on FreeBSD. The reason is, all
>the sources have stray MS-DOS carriage returns (^M), while UNIX only
>uses line-feeds (^J). This causes GCC to misread some of the code. I
>suggest you convert the sources to UNIX text format.
use 'unzip -a' to automatically convert text files when unpacking.

>BTW, why is networking not supported on FreeBSD? Does the pcap driver
>not work?
on FreeBSD you can't send packets directly over bpf (at least not
the same way you can on Net-/OpenBSD). I have patches to make it
use libnet for sending packets. It's a bit rough, but it works. I
can put them up somewhere if anyone is interested.


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