[TUHS] Re: SIMH compilation problems

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Thu Sep 4 03:50:04 AEST 2003

On Wed,  3 Sep 2003 14:39:28 +0200 (CEST), Rico Pajarola <rp at servium.ch> wrote:
>on FreeBSD you can't send packets directly over bpf (at least not
>the same way you can on Net-/OpenBSD).

FreeBSD certainly does let you send packets over bpf.  If you open the
device (e.g. /dev/bpf0) for both reading and writing, you can write()
a buffer to the device, and the contents of that buffer will be sent
verbatim from that device.  I do this all the time for protocol

I'm not running NetBSD or OpenBSD currently, so perhaps they support a
richer interface than FreeBSD does, but the essentials are indeed


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