[TUHS] Booting v6

Akito Fujita akito_fujita at mvg.biglobe.ne.jp
Tue Apr 6 23:44:17 AEST 2004

From: "Bill Cunningham" <billc_2 at charter.net>
Subject: [TUHS] Booting v6
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 06:30:01 -0400

>     I was looking through the old archives at the old UNIX Dennis Ritchie
> submitted. I would like to know how to boot this. I can't seem to compile
> the PDP emulator(s) with djgpp or a non-linux system. I can with my linux.
> Dennis said this version of unix was compiled with assembly, then into C if
> I'm not mistaken. Now the PDPs they were the machines with no monitors just
> printer tty type output correct?
>     Bill

see http://www.tribug.org/pub/tuhs/PDP-11/Bug_Fixes/V6enb/
it will help you.

- Akito

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