[TUHS] plug for new book - includes V7 code

Aharon Robbins arnold at skeeve.com
Thu Apr 15 05:34:34 AEST 2004

Greetings All.

Here is an unashamed but brief plug for my new book, "Linux Programming
by Example: The Fundamentals":


It is an introductory linux/unix programming book that uses both V7 code
and current GNU code to teach the basic linux/unix programming API. The
preface points at the TUHS archive site.

I doubt that anyone on this list would really learn anything from it,
but it's sorta topical because it uses V7 code.  Also, the cover design
is really cool. :-)

If this is too commercial for anyone, I apologize; I won't post anything
else about it to this list.  (If you feel the need, please flame me
off list.  Thanks.)


Arnold Robbins

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