Fw: [TUHS] Re: Lions' book

Roger Willcocks tuhs at rops.org
Thu Apr 15 22:26:10 AEST 2004

On Thursday, April 15, 2004 6:40 AM, Warren Toomey <wkt at tuhs.org> wrote:

> >>I will give you all three guesses as to who Leo was. Hint: he lives
> >>in Australia.
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 09:18:45AM +1000, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> >That would rule out John since he no longer lives in Australia.
> True. The person is alive and well and living on the Gold Coast in
> Queensland where he works for a small private university. He is
> also semi-active in the arena of Unix history. He has a beard. He
> regrets never admitting to the copying of the commentary to John
> Lions personally, because John would probably have commended the
> act.

Hmmm, try Googling for /interests "unix history" australia latex/ :-)

You wouldn't know, off-hand, whether 'Leo' actually rekeyed the content ?


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