[TUHS] Lions book (was: Booting v6)

Brian S Walden tuhs at cuzuco.com
Thu Apr 15 10:43:41 AEST 2004

Greg 'groggy' Lehey <grog at lemis.com> wrote:
> >>> [Lions book] 
> >>>> Wow. Time to start Xeroxing it again...  :)
> >>> 
> >>> Latex source to the book was posted to alt.folklore.computers circa
> >>> 1994.  I'm guessing that the poster (a "Leo") typed it in by hand
> >>> given the comments that came with the readme.
> >>
> Yes, I've found it now and put it up in multiple formats at
> http://www.lemis.com/grog/Documentation/Lions/.  Enjoy!
> Greg 

I resurrected the Lions' source code for the commentary I made some
15 years back -- line numbers at all. It had been lost for some time
and it took a bit, but I finally found it on some obsolete media.
In making it I didn't have v6 source so it was reverted from v7.

See http://v6.cuzuco.com/


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