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Thu Apr 15 17:26:11 AEST 2004

Bibliographic notes: It appears that the version of
the commentary that appeared on Usenet and has
been transformed variously is just the notes.
So far as I can tell, it's an accurate rendition of them.

There were ~2 original versions of the two-volume
work (the source and the commentary).  The two
versions are--

Those produced at UNSW: the one I have are in red
(source) and orange (commentary) covers.  There
might have been more than one printing of this.
The commentary was probably done on some nice terminal
like the Diablo daisy-wheel.  The source was rendered on
a dot-matrix terminal.

The second version was done within AT&T/WECo for internal
use, and could also be ordered by licensees--perhaps it was even
included with a tape.  Salus says these were no longer available by 1978.
These have pale blue covers.  The contents
were, I believe, a photocopy of one of the UNSW renditions.

The Peer-to-Peer edition (1996) is probably a photocopy of
an AT&T version; it contains various labels that doubtless would
have been in them.  But they could have been stripped in
from tape labels or somewhere.  Perhaps Berny Goodheart
would know about this part of the production process.
The UNSW version I have has, on its title page for the source
book, a paragraph that says "This document may contain
information covered by one or more licenses...." and is noted
by Lions as issued in June, 1977.

The PtoP version of this page is in a different font, and has a splash label
in printer font "This information is proprietary and is the
property of Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc...."
It's noted by Lions as of November 1977,  and marked
"second printing."

It would be nice to cajole PtoP into reprinting, although
the combination of the TUHS V6 sources and the various
renditions of the commentary contain most of the
information (though without the heartfelt encomia).


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