[TUHS] Re: Lions' book

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Thu Apr 15 21:37:48 AEST 2004

I can cite a third edition that existed inside Bell Labs
at one point: white covers, with the latter-day AT&T Bell
Laboratories name and deathstar logo; AT&T BELL LABORATORIES
PROPRIETARY (RESTRICTED) printed across the bottom of every
page.  The title page also says Use pursuant to G.E.I. 2.2.
Instead of `this document may contain information covered by
one or more licenses,' there is a paragraph declaring that
`This document is restricted to authorized AT&T employees who
have a job-related need to know, and holders of a license for
the UNIX* Operating System, Level Six, from AT&T Technologies,
Inc., subject to the restrictions stated in such license.'

And of course the footnote credits the trademark to AT&T Bell

The use of the deathstar and the modern company name suggest
these were printed post-divestiture, i.e. no earlier than 1984.

Andrew Hume came across a few copies of this edition sametime in
the late 1980s.  I think they came from a load of stuff about to
be thrown out by Judy Macor, who used to be the person who handled
license paperwork and sent out tapes.

For some reason my copy has a paper clip on the page where
`You are not expected to understand this' appears.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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