[pups] Installing begemot

Robin Birch robinb at ruffnready.co.uk
Fri Aug 13 07:14:39 AEST 2004

In message <411BD929.4080009 at sun.com>, Chris Drake <Chris.Drake at sun.com> 
>> The most curious one is a "bad interpreter" one.  This is what I get 
>>along with the permissions moan.  But curiously if I run it sh 
>>filename then all works.
>>  It is as though there is some global shell permissions set up that 
>>is munged.
>Hoo, you've got a weirdo, all right.  Darn, I was hoping it was trivial.
>Bad interpreter: sounds like the first line where you select "the shell"
>is munched somehow.  Officially, you can select any interpreter you want -
>but you gotta get the name right.  :)
>More thoughts:
>       - any problems with the pathname?  Is it /bin/sh and nothing else?
>       - check perms on /, /bin, and /bin/sh just in case something got
>         zapped
>       - what's your normal shell?  How about it you change /bin/sh to
>         the thing you run normally?
>       - does anything follow the "sh" on the line?  Like, perchance any
>         strange nonprintable chars that might be interpreted as a part
>         of the name or as a parameter to the shell?
>       - try #!/bin/sh -x   to see if you get any output from the script
>         as it's run
>       - do other scripts like one-liners work OK?  Ie,
>               #!/bin/sh
>               echo hello world
>       - any other messages?
>Just saw Warren's email, and he has a few good ones as well - like, what are
>you running on?  :)
>       - Chris
Hi Chris,
See my reply to Warren.  I'll try this all tomorrow, the system is in 


Robin Birch

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