[TUHS] Emulators

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Tue Aug 10 05:11:01 AEST 2004

> > to do it remotely. Are there any emulators, that are capable to run V5/6/7
> > or (better) 4.2BSD, and accessible by telnet or something like that?

As was pointed out, you dont get tcp/ip with v5/6/7.
4.2BSD does not run on the simh hardware, although you can
get quasijarus (4.3BSD) to run.

> > Additional thing I need is vi, any emulator that is capable of
> > running vi could make me happy!!!

You can run vi in quasijarus.

> 	- many users sharing the same instance: there's only one copy of
> the system and everybody logs-in on it, saves space, but takes more work.

You can't do this with v5/v6/v7 (at least with the pdp-11) since they
dont support the multi-serial card that simh emulates.  You only
get the console (which you can access over telnet if you configure
it so).

I don't remember if you can use the interdata32 port with multiple

You can do this in quasijarus just fine, or even just run telnetd
on the emulated system itself.

Tim N.

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