[TUHS] simh+Quasijarus success

Sergey Lapin slapin at drevlanka.ru
Wed Aug 11 20:26:51 AEST 2004

Hi, all!!!
Still trying to implement multi-user unix-learning environment.

So, I run simh with Quasijarus, when I telnet to port, that is redirected 
from serial, it automatically picks up unused line, that is fine, and 
eleminates a need for reconfiguration.

But there is something interesting: I want to implement possibility to 
allow outgoing connections from emulated VAX. As I understand, 4.3BSD  
supports SLIP protocol. And I can get SLIP working through emulated serial 
line. So, the problem is:

1. How it was used to setup SLIP lines in 4.3BSD? :)
2. The other end - will slirp package work in such case?

All the best, and thanks for all help,


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