[TUHS] simh+Quasijarus success

José R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es
Wed Aug 11 21:15:33 AEST 2004

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:26:51 +0400 (MSD)
Sergey Lapin <slapin at drevlanka.ru> wrote:
ething interesting: I want to implement possibility to 
> allow outgoing connections from emulated VAX. As I understand, 4.3BSD  
> supports SLIP protocol. And I can get SLIP working through emulated serial 
Again, you don't need to. Just configure IP as usual using an emulated
Ethernet card. E.g. add to the SIMH configuration:

set xq mac=01-02-03-04-05-06
at xq0 eth0

Then boot as usual. When the system comes up, it will recognize an ethernet
card that you can configure as you want. E.g. on boot a message

qe0: delqa, hardware address 01:02:03:04:05:06

will appear in the system log, and you can use a /etc/netstart script like
the one that follows to configure the net:

- ------------------------- 8< cut here 8< -----------------------
#!/bin/sh -
#       @(#)netstart    1.1 (Berkeley) 1/10/99


# myname is my symbolic name
# my-netmask is specified in /etc/networks
hostname=quasijarus.drevlanka.ru# should be the actual internet name of the emulated machine
mynetmask=	# should be an actual valid IP address
mygateway=		# should be the real IP of the gateway you use

hostname $hostname

ifconfig imp0 inet $hostname
ifconfig de0 inet $hostname netmask $mynetmask
ifconfig qe0 inet $hostname netmask $mynetmask
ifconfig lo0  inet localhost
route add $hostname localhost 0
hostid $hostname
route add default $mygateway 0
- ------------------------- 8< cut here 8< -----------------------

That should do the trick: now if you have a valid spare IP address to assign
the emulated machine, and use it above, your emulated system will behave like
any other Internet host.

Oh, and of course you will want to have a valid /etc/resolv.conf file so
users in the emulated host can resolve names,like e.g.

domain drevlanka.ru

See the manual and FAQ for SIMH for more details on what's going on and other
possible alternatives.

The same goes for 2.11BSD, which takes half the amount of space that 4.3BSD
does, and ultrix-3.1 which takes even less yet. E.g. from my setups here:

# du -sk 2.11bsd 4.4bsd ultrix-3.1
325328  2.11bsd
608952  4.3bsd
20524   ultrix-3.1

Which is to say, may be you will be better off using Ultrix-3.1, which BTW
also includes vi, more and much more... In this case just edit the /etc/rc
file to set the appropriate parameters to ifconfig and default route.

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