[TUHS] Location of a Coherent distribution?

Cornelius Keck ckeck at mail.keck.cx
Thu Feb 5 18:14:07 AEST 2004

Yikes, that what happens while typing in a decaf'd state.
Sorry about the mixup, it's 20MB, not 2G.

> I've put everything I've been sent or have found up at
> http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Other/Coherent/

Hmm... mine's pretty much the same as the things underneath
.../Coherent1, so that's already all there. The header files
can be found at the usual place after installing the base,
and optionally the kernel source. To get to the contents, one
would need a fairly conservatively equipped PC ((34)86, 16MB,
AHA1542C*, or IDE controller with a not too large disk), and
another machine, running some recent *BSD/Linux/Solaris, to
then install the goodies on the former, set up a UUCP connection
to the latter, to get the stuff distributed in it's unpacked
form, because, AFAIK, MWC never got around to implement any
decent IP stack.

I'm currently still in France, but I should have some
sufficiently outdated hardware somewhere, to get this installed
within one or two weeks.

Hope this helps!



                             Cornelius Keck
                 cornelius at keck.cx / usenet54 at keck.us

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