[TUHS] Quasijarus.Z problem

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sun Feb 29 03:04:34 AEST 2004

Wesley Parish <wes.parish at paradise.net.nz> wrote:

> I downloaded the two Quasijarus distros,

Not sure which two do you mean, but keep in mind that the current release is
4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c, and that Warren's archive is no longer the main
distribution site for 4.3BSD-Quasijarus and is not up to date.  The main
distribution site for 4.3BSD-Quasijarus is ifctfvax.Harhan.ORG.

> I was under the impression that gzip (both standalone and included in tar) 
> knew how to handle compress files.  Apparently not.

Use real compress, get it from


I'm using compress -s mode, which produces the same strong compression ratio as
gzip (stronger than original compress), but without the politically unacceptable
letter 'g'.


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