[TUHS] Microsoft, SCO, and a certain License

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Sun Feb 29 17:34:03 AEST 2004

I know the SCO topic's been done to death, and all, but I was thinking about 
the Microsoft purchase of a Unix license (apparently) for their MS SFU 
(Windows Services For Unix) which contrary to the plain meaning of the name, 
is essentially a Unix (apparently OpenBSD, according to rumour) box on top of 
the Windows kernel and Win32 API.

The question is, wouldn't that put Microsoft and the SCO Group in breach of 
the settlement between AT&T and Berkeley?  If Win SFU _is_ OpenBSD, and 
Microsoft have bought a license to run it from the SCO Group of all people, 
isn't that in effect picking a fight with Theo de Raadt?

This isn't definite, of course - some details I'm not sure of.  But I think if 
this is so, we have some very interesting few years to look forward to.
Wesley Parish
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