[TUHS] Lions' V6 source code

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Wed Jun 16 18:41:18 AEST 2004

On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 03:35:44PM -0400, Maciek Bieszczad wrote:
> Hi,
> What version, exactly, of 6th Edition source code is contained in the Lions' commentary booklets? I took a look at the version available for download at [http://v6.cuzuco.com/v6.pdf], but it does not seem to match the source code in the TUHS archives.
> If the source code was in fact modified by Lions, are there any machine-readable versions available?

Here is what the Lions' Commentary actually says:

This is a specially edited selection of code from the Level Six
version of UNIX, as received by us in December, 1975. ... The
principal editorial changes to the sourcecode are as follows:

 +  the order of presentation of files has been changed;
 +  the order of material within several files has been changed;
 +  to a very limited extent, code has been transferred between
    files (with hindsight a lot more of this would have been desirable);
 +  about 5% of the lines have been shortened in various ways to
    less than 66 characters (by elimination of blanks, rearrangement
    of comments, splitting into two lines, etc .);
 +  a number of comments consisting of a line of underscore characters
    have been introduced, particularly at the end of procedures;
 +  the size of each file has been adjusted to an exact multiple
    of 50 lines by padding with blank lines;

The source code has been printed in double column format with fifty
lines per column, giving one hundred lines per sheet (or page).
Thus there is a convenient relationship between line numbers and
sheet numbers.


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