[TUHS] Sprite

Cornelius Keck tuhs at keck.us
Thu May 27 07:36:41 AEST 2004


TNX for parking Sprite on ftp.es.embnet.org!
I just ran into a little problem.. looks as if
the node is either down, or not reachable (at
least from here (== Plano, Texas):

$ ping ftp.es.embnet.org
PING bakalao.cnb.uam.es ( 56 data bytes
--- bakalao.cnb.uam.es ping statistics ---
9 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
$ ftp ftp.es.embnet.org
[2 minutes later]

> generated an ISO from the raw CD and am copying now the CD
> contents to disk, which are being made available as
>         ftp://ftp.es.embnet.org/pub/misc/TUHS/sprite
> and
>         ftp://ftp.es.embnet.org/pub/misc/TUHS/sprite.iso
> as the copying is done. Beware, it is ~530MB.

This goes for both my machine at home, and here at work.
Now, www.es.embnet.org responds fairly fast, so I don't
think that it's the wire across the big pond. Any




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