[TUHS] Ultrix from CD on SIMH

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo tih at hamartun.priv.no
Mon Nov 22 06:05:04 AEST 2004

"Jose R. Valverde" <txomsy at yahoo.es> writes:

> I've been trying but when it goes to device detection it always turns 
> up with an empty list. I mean, the install kernel boots, detects the
> virtual hard disk and the CD-ROM, the install program starts and reaches
> the installation menu (options for BASIC or ADVANCED) and it's then,
> when choosing any option that it does not detect any suitable install
> device.

I know that I figured out, a number of years back, how to install
Ultrix on non-supported media.  It involved aborting the install,
editing the install script to "recognize" the target media, and then
restarting the script.  You might want to experiment with this...

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