[TUHS] Ultrix from CD on SIMH

Jose R. Valverde txomsy at yahoo.es
Wed Nov 17 01:53:32 AEST 2004

Has anybody succeeded installing Ultrix v4.4/4.5 for the VAX on SIMH from 
DEC CD-ROM distribution?

I've been trying but when it goes to device detection it always turns 
up with an empty list. I mean, the install kernel boots, detects the
virtual hard disk and the CD-ROM, the install program starts and reaches
the installation menu (options for BASIC or ADVANCED) and it's then,
when choosing any option that it does not detect any suitable install

It's been about 10 years since last I installed Ultrix on a VAX and to
be true, I can hardly remember all the details involved. It this doesn't
work, I'll try to go back to legacy tapes (if I can still find any 


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