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Tue Oct 5 23:41:22 AEST 2004

It's not a question of it being lost, but rather making sure it doesn't
become lost.  My first order of business is for the product that was the
reason for Manalapan's existence -- VAX System V.

The Manalapan, NJ site, after two mergers, is still today known as UNX
because of it initial charter to port AT&T Unix to VAX.  This dates back
to the old DEC days where all sites had a 3 character identifier.  I guess
someone was a private pilot and modeled it after airport designations. 
Anyway, Manalapan was also frequently used as a hub in a lot of uucp
activity -- just look for UNXA in the path.

Enough history for today.


> On Fri, 01 Oct 2004 06:09:19 -0400
> Pat Villani <patv at monmouth.com> wrote:
> > Don't know about a TCP/IP stack, but I'm sorry to tell you that Ultrix
> > is still proprietary and now owned by hp.
> >
> > The source is in danger of being lost unless I'm successful over the
> > next six months.  The Manalapan, NJ site where a great deal of Ultrix
> > work was done will be closing soon and employees moved to other
> > and otherwise.  I volunteered to take the old tape archives and
> > the source code to CD-ROM for preservation.  I don't know if there are
> > any other copies in Nashua, NH, where the remainder of the work was done.
> >
> > Pat
> >
> While working at the Biomedical Research Institute (Madrid, Spain) I got a
> quote from DEC for access to Ultrix source code. As I remember it, it wasn't
> that expensive (~1000$ for an academic license) and I mused bout
> it for some time. My naïvete at the time prevented me from ordering it
(t> hat
> and the availability of BSD sources).
> But I'd feel pretty sure that at that price many source licenses must have
> been sold. Maybe there are still copies lying around and you can find
> someone to send you a copy back.
> Sure, it would be nicer to maintain the whole development log and versions.
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