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José R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es
Tue Oct 5 23:03:03 AEST 2004

On Fri, 01 Oct 2004 06:09:19 -0400
Pat Villani <patv at monmouth.com> wrote:
> Don't know about a TCP/IP stack, but I'm sorry to tell you that Ultrix 
> is still proprietary and now owned by hp.
> The source is in danger of being lost unless I'm successful over the 
> next six months.  The Manalapan, NJ site where a great deal of Ultrix 
> work was done will be closing soon and employees moved to other location 
> and otherwise.  I volunteered to take the old tape archives and transfer 
> the source code to CD-ROM for preservation.  I don't know if there are 
> any other copies in Nashua, NH, where the remainder of the work was done.
> Pat
While working at the Biomedical Research Institute (Madrid, Spain) I got a
quote from DEC for access to Ultrix source code. As I remember it, it wasn't
that expensive (~1000$ for an academic license) and I mused bout acquiring 
it for some time. My naïvete at the time prevented me from ordering it (that
and the availability of BSD sources).

But I'd feel pretty sure that at that price many source licenses must have
been sold. Maybe there are still copies lying around and you can find 
someone to send you a copy back.

Sure, it would be nicer to maintain the whole development log and versions.

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