[TUHS] simh 6th ed?

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sun Apr 24 10:10:22 AEST 2005

   I'm playing with simh and the 6th ed software pack (uv6swre
It turns out that it didn't have /usr/sys, so I grabbed
sources from http://miffy.tom-yam.or.jp/2238/rl/ (they had
an RL image and a kernel patched with rl support).
Also strangely the kernel doesnt print the normal (c) when
booting.  Is the unix kernel that comes with the software patch
hacked up?

Anyway, I'm now trying to build a kernel and having no success.
In /usr/sys running "sh run" works properly and it makes a
bunch of /*unix files.  When I try to boot them though it
just hangs.  I get no output.  I've tried building rkunix with
and without the m45.s bits commented out.

Has anyone had luck with building the kernel?  Any pointers?

Tim Newsham

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