[TUHS] Mention TUHS in Linux Magazine (US)?

Jerry Peek jpeek at jpeek.com
Fri Apr 29 02:50:21 AEST 2005

Hi everyone.  I'm a short-time UNIX user (I started in 1981 :)
and also a columnist for Linux Magazine (in the US: not the UK
flavour).  I just came across TUHS while I was searching for a
V7 cp(1) manpage.  (I found it, BTW, via Warren Toomey's page

I'm writing a series of columns on "What's GNU in Old Utilities".
It describes new features of GNU utilities like cat(1) and
contrasts them to "how we used to do it."  I'd like to mention
TUHS in the third column, which should be out in August.  It
seems that TUHS is alive and well.  If any of you have comments
or complaints about that idea, though, would you please let me
know before May 1 -- which is when the column is due?  Thanks.

Jerry Peek, jpeek at jpeek.com, http://www.jpeek.com/

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