[pups] Seeking info on SBC11/21+ Falcon Plus

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at pacbell.net
Mon Apr 25 10:12:36 AEST 2005

Magnus Danielson wrote:

>Dear all,
>I'm sitting here with a M7676 SBC11/21+ Falcon Plus card. It came with a
>BA11-VA chassi and a custom A/D card (controlled over the parallel bus).
>I have been scanning the Internet a number of times, but have had no luck in
>finding much material related. It has the T11 (DC310) chip, a pair of DC 319
>serial chips and some unknown chip called DC331 "FALCON". I've found a few
>related hints about it in the Micronotes (about the 82S100 PLA chip among
>other things). I've also done some reverse-engineering, so part of the
>schematic is know to me. But, since I have no plans of reverse-engineering the
>DC331 chip getting the hands on some hard documents would be much apprechiated
While it isn't identical, you might find the user guide for the original 
M8063 Falcon SBC 11/21
to be at least somewhat useful. It can be found at:


As far as I can remember the Falcon and Falcon+ are functionally very 
similar with the Falcon+
supporting larger memory devices and having a more flexible set of 
options for the memory map.

Chapter 6 of the 1985 edition of the Microcomputer Products Handbook 
lists all of the configuration
options for the Falcon+ and also shows the DC331 at E20 as being a "gate 
array". I have a copy
of this manual and could send you a copy of the relevant pages if that 
would be helpful.

Michael Davidson

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