[TUHS] PDP-11/23 plus minicomputer

James Falknor james at peacemax.org
Wed Aug 10 01:09:26 AEST 2005

To all interested,
   This is not meant as a advertising.
   The following is meant for informational purposes only.
    An entire PDP-11/23 system plus minicomputer is currently up for 
auction on E-Bay.


There is a person that has requested that the disk drive and disks be 
dumped if that person should win.
There are 2 disks marked "system" on them.

   As a part of The Unix Heritage Society, I believe we need to keep 
this system intact. I personally do not have the money to successfully 
bid and win. I hope somebody from The Unix Heritage Society will take up 
the cause and make a successful winning bid. The system in it's entirety 
is a part of The Unix Heritage.

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