[TUHS] PDP-11/23 plus minicomputer

James Falknor james at peacemax.org
Wed Aug 10 07:31:13 AEST 2005

    I thought Unix was written and used on PDP-11 systems.
    Which PDP-11 systems ought I keep an eye out for?

Thank you,
James Falknor

Tim Shoppa wrote:

>>There are 2 disks marked "system" on them. [...] As part of the Unix
>>Heritage Society, I believe we need to keep this system intact.
>Why do you think the disks are Unix-related?
>I'm not saying that it's impossible to run Unix on a 11/23 (in fact I
>was the one who recovered RL02 packs with V6 hacked to run on a 11/23)
>but it's 99.99% certain that this system ran either RT-11 or RSX-11,
>given the context.
>Now, if the buyer is dumb enough to buy the system and not use the
>disk drives, it's his responsibility to figure out how the heck he's
>ever going to boot the OS.
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